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Therapeutic Modalities


Rehab with Murphy Animal Hospital


Multiple dogs receiving rehab treatments


Post-op Surgery Rehab

Weeks 1 to 2/3 (until staples are removed)

Ice:  Remove pain by numbing area, reduces swelling and reduces inflammation.

TENS:  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – reduces pain.

LASER:  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – promotes tissue repair and assists in pain reduction. 

PROM:  Passive Range of Motion – decreases stiffness.


Weeks 2/3 and on

Laser:  To help reduce pain and inflammation.

Hydro:  Under water treadmill sessions to rebuild muscle and get pet moving again.

Heat:  Used to reduce pain, promote relaxation, increase blood flow, improve joint mobility, and improve connective tissue flexibility.


Therapeutic Exercises: 

Used to address proprioception, balance, muscle strengthening, improve endurance, and gait retraining.

  • Physio balls – exercise and stability balls.
  • Cavaletti – stepping exercises.
  • Balance Disks.
  • Wobble Boards.


For improved results, Rehab can be combined with Hydrotherapy and Massage therapy.  Call 636-677-8555 to schedule all appointments.