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Shock Wave Therapy


We are excited to announce that we have added another new and innovative tool to manage pain and restore quality of life for your pet! Shock Wave Therapy uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate and speed the body’s own healing process.


The high-energy sound waves stimulate cells and release healing growth factors in the body that reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, accelerate bone formation, and enhance wound healing.

Shockwave Therapy On Dog

Shockwave Therapy on Dog

Shock Wave is used to treat:


  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendon/Ligament Injuries
  • Wounds
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Instability

Shock wave treatments create a higher energy output and penetrate deeper than laser therapy. 3-5 treatments provide long-term healing and results typically last up to 12 months.

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Shockwave Therapy On Dog