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Canine Massage Therapy


Photo of Britny the Dog


“Hi Britny here! As I’ve grown older my hind legs started showing signs of decreased muscle mass and weakness. I love taking my daily walks but sometimes my hind legs just slide out from underneath me. For a dog of my stature, it is very frustrating for me not to be able to gallop, prance and hang out with my friends at the dog park. 

I’m so glad Dr. Flegle introduced me to my new best friend: Elisha Edge. She is my Certified K-9 Massage Therapist…it was love at first sight! Did you know that Elisha is one of only a few board-certified Canine Massage Therapists in Missouri? I just feel so relaxed and at ease with her. You can just feel she is a dog lover!  I can’t believe she is my personal masseuse. You do know that Masseuse is the French word that refers to a female who practices massages didn’t you? Me being a female dog…I even knew that.

She gave me my very first massage and laser treatment. I bet you didn’t know they send you to massage school so they can teach you how to have magic fingers!  My laser treatments along with my massages started to reduce some of my inflammation in my spine.  Dog massages are different than human massages.  Having massages regularly reduces my anxiety and stress which promotes my healing too. It’s also good for muscle stimulation which I definitely needed.  Elisha is trained in many different types of massage treatments too: Lymphatic, Sports, Trigger Point, Mysofascial, and General Therapeutic.” Britny 



Massage Therapy with Murphy

NEW* Massage Therapist Elisha Edge, NCCMT has joined the Murphy Animal Hospital Canine Rehabilitation team! Her passion for helping improve dogs’ quality of life has led her to become one of only three board certified Canine Massage Therapists in Missouri.


Benefits of Massage:

Muscle Stimulation: Reducing tension allows for better range of motion and increased joint health.

Pain Reduction: Breaking up adhesions in tissue reduces pressure on nerves, blood vessels, and pain receptors.

Increased Immunity: When the nervous system is in relaxation mode, the immune system functions better.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress: Massage lowers blood pressure and promotes relaxation and healing.

Massage Therapy on Dog



Massage Therapy on Dog

Providing Massage Therapy on a Blanket

Massage Types offered:

General/Therapeutic- Overall relaxation, stimulates muscles, relieves tension.

Lymphatic- Aids with swelling, boosts immunity.

Sports- Pre/post Event
Trigger Point- Helps to relieve pain and tension in specific areas.

Myofascial- Working with connective tissue in order to reduce pain.



Initial consult (with massage) -$70
• 30 min massage- $40
• 1 hour massage- $70

Call to schedule all appointments. (636) 677-8555


left quote Willow loves his Elisha! At just 9 weeks, we learned that he was born without a femoral head in his left hind leg.  This makes it difficult for him to use the leg properly and causes tension and pain in his other limbs as they pick up the slack.  We started massage therapy and it has been a game changer.  After each appointment he is visibly more mobile and has noticeably reduced pain.  She is also wonderful at explaining her approach and gives us techniques we can use at home to help between appointments.  Since beginning our sessions, we’ve been able to increase the muscle mass in his leg, improve his mobility and flexibility, and keep his pain to a minimum.  When we walk into the clinic, Willow runs for her door. She is truly one of his favorite people. right quote